So I have been exchanging emails with Sean over at Oookworks. I have been looking for an inner for my Cuben Duomid for the last couple of months and couldn’t find what I wanted online.

I have looked at the Bearpaw Pyranet and the MLD Innernet. Whilst both seemed ok, the bathtub floor wasn’t very high on either model and they are both full mesh and I wanted something to keep the wind off my face whilst I slept.

Sean does three inners for the Duomid. The Nano, small footprint (which I liked) but not custom designed to fit in the Duomid, it’s a general inner nest. The Duomid Oooknest which is, as the name might suggest, designed to fit inside the Duomid but it takes up over half the floor space and means that the supporting pole needs to be angled. I wasn’t keen on this as it would reduce structural integrity in high winds and take up more of the inner than I deemed necessary. Sean also makes a two person inner for the Duomid.



I found pictures on Sean’s site of this custom inner he had once made. Link here if you want to see more views of the design. This was made for Robin over at blogpackinglight and here’s a link to the great write up Robin put together about his custom inner. As an aside, Robin writes a great blog and it is a site I often reference, I urge you to have a look around if you are interested in backpacking in the UK.

This one has the bathtub floor made of Chikara, Silnylon at both ends and Cuben along the main length both at the front and back, with a couple of pockets for good measure. But it was full size and taking up over half the floor space meaning the pole will need to be slanted slightly. Weighing in at 315g it is pretty light.

I opted for the design above, but using the same width as the nano, so that the pole can stand straight. I also went with Silnylon all the way around rather than the Cuben as I thought it would be nice to wake up to something bright in the morning and I like the yellow. I stayed with the mesh top as this will keep air flow moving and the inner should have enough cover to keep the wind off me whilst trying to sleep. I kept the T Zip design as this will mean I can roll back both doors of the inner and of the Duomid and enjoy the views and have unrestricted access outside of the nest, something you cant do with the MLD Innernet which has a zip on just one side.

I’m not sure what the final weight will be, it’s smaller than the one he previously made for Robin, but uses Silnylon in place of Cuben. I’m hoping for around 300g but a few g’s here or there isn’t going to make much difference.

So once I have it, I should be looking at around 800g for a palace of a shelter. Expect a review after it’s had a few outings.

I have read very good reviews of Sean’s work, so I am looking forward to getting my hands on this custom inner and if everything goes to plan, it will get it’s first outing walking the Rob Roy Way and Lairig Ghru in May (my consolation walk for missing out on the TGO Challenge).

There’s a MLD Duomid with Oookworks inner pitching video over on Vimeo produced by . In the comments on the Vimeo page Maxine interestingly states that if he could purchase again he would go for the nano rather than the Duomid inner although he doesn’t explain why. I suspect it’s the pole angling but I could be wrong.

Anyway, time for Sunday lunch and to find some stuff to put on eBay to pay for the new inner 🙂


Went for a jaunt around the Cuxton Circular today with the kids. Surprisingly not one single complaint for the whole journey. Result!


The route, approx 5 miles.

Parked up near Cuxton Station and followed the route out from the pub.


Ready for the off!

The route follows some of the North Downs Way, up into the hills through farms, woodland and fields and circles back around to the start. More details on the route can be found here.

Lots of animal tracks going in and out of the woods which the kids enjoyed following. Youngest was determined to find a bear. I was quite pleased that he didn’t 🙂


No bears in here!

Around the halfway mark we stopped of for sandwiches, crisps, and chocolate. Found a fallen tree to sit on and tucked into the picnic. The kids had built up quite an appetite and demolished the food in no time.


Wheres my chocolate Daddy!

We finished off the route having to cross a railway line which was a bit dangerous and I was surprised to see a clear path across a railway with no signals. It was look left and right and run!

Enjoyable way to spend a Sunday morning and a route I will visit again.

One of the things about hiking that I enjoy is looking at other peoples kit lists, seeing what works and getting ideas. So I thought I would put together my standard Three Season pack list and open it up for your perusal. This is what I would take on any overnighter up to and including a long distance hike. The only things I might add for a long distance hike would be a spare change of clothes (top, trousers, boxers) and possibly my iPad mini.

Any comments most welcome.

Item Grams
MLD Exodus Backpack + 2 Hip Pockets + 1 Strap Pocket + Internal Pouch 604
MLD Superlight Bivy + Stuff Sack 223
DuoMid Cuben + Guys + Pegs + Stuff Sack 590
RAB Infinity 300 Sleeping Bag + Stuff Sack + MLD Cuben Dry Bag 720
Thermarest Neoair Xtherm Sleeping Mat 430
Rab Silk Sleeping Bag Mummy Liner 107
Thermarest Ultralight Pillow Case 27
Eye Mask + Ear Plugs 20
Water Bottle – Plastic 1 Liter 29
Evernew Titanium 750ml Pot 96
Evernew Titanium 400ml Mug 49
Crux Stove 87
Titanium Spork 20
Lighter 16
Mini Whisk 9
Firesteel + Striker 28
Folding Gas Canister Stand 34
Pot Cleaning Cloth 0
Cookset Mesh Bag 14
Ortleib Platypus 2L Screw Top Pouch 37
Sawyer Squeeze, Syringe, 1ltr Water Bag (for unfiltered water) and Mesh Bag 144
Clothing (Packed)
Rab Latok Alpine Event Waterproof Trousers 400
Arcteryx Beta AR Goretex Waterproof Jacket 438
Extremities Goretex Tuff Mitts 86
Bridgedale Coolmax Liner Socks 31
Bridgedale Trekker Socks 80
RAB Cirrus Pull On 85
Rab Beenie 54
Rab MeCo Liner Gloves 27
Chocolate Fish Merino Possum Gloves 56
Bloc Sungalasses + Case 30
Leatherman Style PS 41
MLD Exodus Rain Cover 80
First Aid Kit + Cuben Bag 168
Sun Cream Life Systems SPF 50 63
Vaseline 33
Midge Repelent – Avon Skin So Soft 59
Towel 79
Wash Kit + Bag 254
Pen 10
Trekmates Mosquito Headnet 28
Toilet Kit – Paper, Lighter & Hand Sanitizer 92
MSR Snow Blizzard Trowel 25
Spare Batteries 37
Petzl Tikka Plus Headlamp 75
Repair Kit 38
Stickpic + Spare Camera Battery And Card 35
Clothing (Worn)
Silva Compass 40
Rab Shortie Event Gaitors + Stuff Sack 67
IPhone 5 200
RAB MeCo 120 LS Base Layer 160
Rab MeCo Boxers 100
Montane Fireball Hooded Fleece 408
Inov8 Terroc 330 660
Bridgedale Coolmax Liner Socks 31
Bridgedale Trail Socks 67
Golite Mesh Peak Cap 70
Komperdell Vario 4 Hiking Poles X2 368
Garmin Oregon 600 GPS + Batteries 201
Suunto Vector Watch 54
RAB Alpine Trek Pants 360
Gas Canister 362
Total Base Pack 5.69kg
Total Consumables 0.36kg
Total Worn/Carried 2.79kg
Total Pack (Base & Consumables) 6.05kg
Total FSO (Total Pack & Worn/Carried) 8.84kg

There’s no weight in here for food and water which I would obviously take, but as this list can span many days hiking it’s impossible to say how much I would take, without fixing a duration for the trip, hence why I left it out. I usually carry a litre of water on any occasion which I suppose I could of added.

I am aware that some things are not necessary, but this list is tried and tested and works for me. For example I like an eye mask as it stops me waking at first light when I don’t want to. I could also choose much lighter waterproofs but I hate getting wet and like to know that what I am wearing will cope with whatever is thrown at me and keep my clothes dry (I don’t have a spare set most of the time). So I accept the extra weight for the confidence the waterproof clothing gives me.

This is the type of kit I would take on the TGO challenge adding Mountain Equipment Ghost Whisperer jacket and Montane Prism Pants, just in case it got really cold.

So what would you change? I’m open to suggestions as that’s what publishing a kit list is all about!