TarpTent Scarp 2 – Update

Posted: April 11, 2013 in Gear Reviews
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Have just been given the opportunity to pay the government more taxes, in the form of customs charges for the Scarp. Can you believe it was £62.99, how they can justify that when you have already paid taxes on what you have earned is beyond me, but c’est la vie!.

The good news is that the Scarp will be with me tomorrow, so (weather permitting) a first pitch and possibly first night will be achieved this weekend.

I have ordered some 2mm Dyneema and CL266 Clam Cleats/Line Locks so I can add strength and tie out, from the pole on both sides in strong winds. These will be paired with two “V” shaped titanium tent pegs from Bob and Rose over at backpackinglight. I have also purchased some zipper pulls, as apparently the zips are a bit small on the Scarp and this will make life that little bit easier when I have cold numb fingers.

I guess I now need to look at seam sealing and how to achieve this. To be honest I’m not looking forward to doing this for fear of making a mess of a £300 tent. Why can’t the manufacturers do it? Anyway I’m sure I’ll be able to make it waterproof even if it’s not the most artistic of efforts.

Expect a first report soon.

  1. How is the tent now you have chance to use it? I am interested in a two man tent which is light enough to use a a one man when needed. How does it compare with the Duomid?

    • Titanium says:

      The Scarp 2 is fantastic. Hand’s down the best weight/stability/room tent I have had (and there have been a few).

      To answer how it compares to the Duomid is difficult, they are very different beasts. Perhaps if I explain my tent choices it may help answer your question.

      Scarp 2. My 2 person all rounder. 4 season, plenty of space for 2. I’m almost 6ft and can still leave my pack at my feet inside the vestibule using a full length xTherm mat. Bomb proof, I have had this out in serious wind and rain when many other hikers packed up and hid in a shed. The Scarp handled the weather so well I slept right through and wondered what all the fuss was about.

      Duomid (in cuben). This is my fast and light tent with plenty of room for three season use. I can use it on my own or with my Son. We both use Bivy bags inside and even with them it’s still a full half kilo lighter than the scarp 2. This is probably my favorite tent as there’s so much room for the weight and during the year it see’s more nights than any other.

      The two tents above didn’t give me a lightweight 4 season solo shelter, so after lots of investigation I settled on a TarpTent Moment DW. It’s lightweight at around 900g, packs small, can take high winds and snow and has plenty of room. What I really liked about the Moment DW is that you can move the inner around inside the tent to give two vestibules or one large one and you can change which side the large vestibule is on. If the wind changes and you still want to open the doors for a view its a handy feature. It is a very versatile tent. It was the weight saving and versatility that swayed me from buying the Scarp 1.

      So I guess if most of your camping is 3 season I would go with the Duomid, if there’s a fair bit of winter camping too, then the Scarp 2 would probably be the better bet.

      Still if you watched the Cairngorms In Winter, Chris Townsend uses a GoLite SL3 in the snow, so I guess you could use the Duomid all year. I know people do.

      Hope that helps. If you have any further questions just let me know….

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