A weekend in the life of…….

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Random Ramblings
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Well the weekend came and went and with it so did the rain. Most dissapointing as I had my shiny new Scarp 2 and couldn’t get outside with it. I did subject this bombproof shelter to the indignity of being erected indoors, just so I could check there were no rips or tears and like any big kid I then had to get my sleep mat and sleeping bag out and make sure it all fits inside (well that was the excuse to the wife), in reality if I couldn’t get outside to play I was going to play indoors! Anyway that was about it in relation to the Scarp 2 for this weekend.

We did however manage a 6.5 mile jaunt around the Kent countryside as futher training for the West Highland Way walk and a jolly nice stroll it was too. I loaded the eldests backpack a bit more this time to see how he would cope with a weight that was near to what his final weight to be carried will be. You would have thought I had personally taken down every game server in the world and outlawed sweets. To say he moaned is an understatement. The whinging started within a 100 yards of the house, I think the fact that he has been a little under the weather may have had something to do with it. After half a mile conversation got going and I believe he forgot about the weight. However, having to endure that half a mile of complaints made me seriously contemplate emmigration….. on my own!

So as the weather was a washout I did finally sit down and do a couple of tasks I needed to get done. The first and most enjoyable was picking some goodies for my upcoming birthday and the second was confirming the kit list for the West Highland Way walk. It was good to do both tasks together as some of the items I needed went straight onto the birthday list. Unfortunatly most of the things needed were as a result of my Son’s participation in the walk so what happened in reality was that I wrote a list of gifts for people to get me for my son to use on our walk. He gets two birthdays this year I guess.

So to summarise, it pays to be an eleven yeard old and complain as much as you can, your father then foregoes any chance of a decent birthday present and reverts back to looking pleased at the new socks! Oh to be a child again.

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