Oookworks Duomid custom inner ordered.

Posted: January 19, 2014 in Gear Reviews
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So I have been exchanging emails with Sean over at Oookworks. I have been looking for an inner for my Cuben Duomid for the last couple of months and couldn’t find what I wanted online.

I have looked at the Bearpaw Pyranet and the MLD Innernet. Whilst both seemed ok, the bathtub floor wasn’t very high on either model and they are both full mesh and I wanted something to keep the wind off my face whilst I slept.

Sean does three inners for the Duomid. The Nano, small footprint (which I liked) but not custom designed to fit in the Duomid, it’s a general inner nest. The Duomid Oooknest which is, as the name might suggest, designed to fit inside the Duomid but it takes up over half the floor space and means that the supporting pole needs to be angled. I wasn’t keen on this as it would reduce structural integrity in high winds and take up more of the inner than I deemed necessary. Sean also makes a two person inner for the Duomid.



I found pictures on Sean’s site of this custom inner he had once made. Link here if you want to see more views of the design. This was made for Robin over at blogpackinglight and here’s a link to the great write up Robin put together about his custom inner. As an aside, Robin writes a great blog and it is a site I often reference, I urge you to have a look around if you are interested in backpacking in the UK.

This one has the bathtub floor made of Chikara, Silnylon at both ends and Cuben along the main length both at the front and back, with a couple of pockets for good measure. But it was full size and taking up over half the floor space meaning the pole will need to be slanted slightly. Weighing in at 315g it is pretty light.

I opted for the design above, but using the same width as the nano, so that the pole can stand straight. I also went with Silnylon all the way around rather than the Cuben as I thought it would be nice to wake up to something bright in the morning and I like the yellow. I stayed with the mesh top as this will keep air flow moving and the inner should have enough cover to keep the wind off me whilst trying to sleep. I kept the T Zip design as this will mean I can roll back both doors of the inner and of the Duomid and enjoy the views and have unrestricted access outside of the nest, something you cant do with the MLD Innernet which has a zip on just one side.

I’m not sure what the final weight will be, it’s smaller than the one he previously made for Robin, but uses Silnylon in place of Cuben. I’m hoping for around 300g but a few g’s here or there isn’t going to make much difference.

So once I have it, I should be looking at around 800g for a palace of a shelter. Expect a review after it’s had a few outings.

I have read very good reviews of Sean’s work, so I am looking forward to getting my hands on this custom inner and if everything goes to plan, it will get it’s first outing walking the Rob Roy Way and Lairig Ghru in May (my consolation walk for missing out on the TGO Challenge).

There’s a MLD Duomid with Oookworks inner pitching video over on Vimeo produced by . In the comments on the Vimeo page Maxine interestingly states that if he could purchase again he would go for the nano rather than the Duomid inner although he doesn’t explain why. I suspect it’s the pole angling but I could be wrong.

Anyway, time for Sunday lunch and to find some stuff to put on eBay to pay for the new inner 🙂


  1. cat793 says:

    I placed an order in Jan and have never heard anything from him again. See link above. Have you had better luck and received your inner?

    • Titanium says:

      Hi, I’m not sure what’s going on with Sean. Took me 4 emails to get a reply and even then no indication of when my order would ship. Needless to say I still don’t have the inner and I’m getting anxious now. The worrying bit is we all pay well in advance. However these are the issues when dealing with cottage industries and Sean makes good stuff so it’s worth the hassle…….but only so much. Let me know if you manage to make contact.

      • cat793 says:

        I too was prepared for a long wait for delivery. However I find it unnerving that there seems to be no effort to communicate at all with customers waiting for their orders. If we had a time frame, even rough, for delivery it would be a lot easier. I am worried that he has taken too many orders and now has a backlog and cash flow problems and is struggling to cope.

        I have sent him another email and will let you know if I get a response. I will try and text message his phone too.


  2. Fred S. says:

    From everything I’m reading on OutdoorsMagic, Sean’s lead times have grown to a year, 18 months or even longer. That’s disgraceful. Sean is bringind a bad name to the cottage industry. I don’t know of anyone else who can’t commit to a delivery window.

    Even at their busiest, Mountain Laurel Designs will deliver within 12 weeks, and often in less than half that time. Other cottage companies, Six Moon Designs and Gossamer Gear included, won’t allow you to place an order for products that aren’t ready to be built yet. Yet Sean is happy to keep the money rolling in, even though he knows he won’t be able to fulfill the order for several months.

    I hope you will both receive your orders in time to use the inners in 2014.

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